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NJ Lighthouse Tour

The 2006 NJ Lighthouse Challenge

October 14 & 15, 2006

Each Fall, the New Jersey lighhouses offer a challenge for anybody to visit each of the 11 lighthouses in a single weekend. For the first time, I tried the challenge and climbed 10 of the lighthouses (Finn's Point was closed to foot traffic). It was a clear, but cold weekend, an excellent one for Cruisin'. On Sunday, the thermometer started off at 0 degrees C, then rose to about 17. By the time the day was over, it was back down to 14.

The hi-res pictures off this page are all between 1.7 and 3.7 MB in size.

Hi-Res Pictures Low-Res Pictures
The Challenge Puzzle

Sandy Hook

Twin Lights

Sea Girt




North Wildwood

Cape May

Maurice River Township

Finn's Point


Along the Way...