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PSU and Stanford Football

I ended my stint at Stanford in August of 1982. On November 20, 1982, Standford "lost" to the University of California, 20-25 on what was one of the most controversial plays of the century in college football. My friend, Chuck Machlan, took this photo of the final seconds of that play, where Cal players reverse-lateralled 7 times, only to have the last player collide with the Stanford trombone player in the end zone. As you can see in the photo, the referee in the upper-right has been blowing the play dead, which is why half the Stanford team stopped running after the guys with the ball.
At Joe Robbie Stadium on January 1, 1993, Stanford defeated Penn State in the Blockbuster Bowl, 24-3. I got my picture taken with both of the team mascots, just before being escorted out...

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