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S-Labs specializes in digitizing and producing unique CDs.

Musicians - We specialize in demo CDs for bands, specializing in small quantity orders (up to 100). Our prices go as low as $3.00 per disk with minimal commitment levels.

Quality - We print on white, printable CDs using a 1440 by 720 ink-jet printer. No paper labels! Since we're printing from a PC, the designs are flexible. We then spray the face of the CD with a clear water-resistant coating.

Features -
For the professional look, jewel cases are shrink-wraped. We also can add Bar Codes to your disks, making them marketable in stores.
We copy from Digital Audio Tape (DAT) or other CDs and audio tape.
We can record MPEG movies and take JPEG pictures, and include them all on your multimedia CD.
No charge for graphics layouts.

Value - Check out our price list for details.

Options -

  • Standard jewel cases with clear, white or black inserts. Prices include a front cover (up to 3 panels wide), a back cover (one or two sided), shrink wrapping and bar coding

  • Slim-line cases are about half the thickness of regular cases. Includes a single, two-sided cover. The disk shows out one side of the case. Includes shrink wrapping and bar coding.

  • Clam shells are also thin. Prices include disk printing only, no covers, no labels, no shrink wrapping.

  • Colorful cases, 3 and 4-disk holders available on request.

  • Here are some of S-Labs CD Productions customers: